Commercial Real Estate Market in Greater Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia is the center of commercial activities in the south east region of the U.S., and so many commercial real estate transactions are conducted daily. There is a high demand for office spaces, industrial properties and warehouses in Greater Atlanta area. To satisfy this demand, numerous commercial properties are being constructed.
Many companies (not only the companies based in other cities in the U.S., but also foreign corporations) are interested in expanding their businesses into Greater Atlanta area, and it is expected that the active commercial real estate market here will continue.

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 Mr. K Fulfills Your Commercial Real Estate Needs!

Keiichi Kimura (Mr. K) started his real estate career dealing with commercial projects, and he has been active in the commercial real estate industry for over 30 years. He is able to implement all sorts of your office space needs (i.e., securing a new office space, relocation of an office upon expansion or reduction, arranging of sub-leases) as well as industrial properties (including industrial parks), warehouses, and other commercial properties such as retail shops, restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, apartments, etc.

He also offers to assist his clients with all aspects of commercial real estate including researching the zoning requirements and business licenses, property inspections, negotiating contracts, arranging commercial mortgages, arranging legal procedures, and so forth.

Based on the analysis of the latest market condition and growth trends, Mr. K will find the most suitable commercial property for your business. His ability to precisely advise his clients with a careful consideration to their special needs (budget, scale of business, equipments needed, etc.) will surely be a great asset to you.

 Mr. K's 3 Special Services

  1. Guaranteed Research Work

Our searches cover ALL AVAILABLE PROPERTIES throughout the entire Metro Atlanta area and its satellite cities, not only the properties we list.

This practice is possible because we have access to all active listings in the market through numerous property listing services data bases, and also we are obligated to do so because we are TENANT'S / BUYER'S AGENT.

Many Traditional Commercial Realtors will show and sell only their listings because they are working for their Seller or Landlord. We do not. We include the entire market to consider to help you make the best choice.

When a company moves their office, your new location and cost of occupancy are a key to the company's success. You cannot afford to miss any available property. Our commercial real estate professionals will check ALL ALTERNATIVE SPACES to consider in order to ensure that your decision of the new office shall be most optimal.

  2. Tenant's / Buyer's Agent

  1. as Tenant's Agent when you are looking for the space to lease
  2. or Buyer's Agent when you are looking for the office to purchase without any cost to you, Broker's fee shall be paid by the Landlord or Seller.
Traditional Commercial Realtors work for the Landlord or Seller, and therefore they try to get the highest price for the Seller or Landlord. We are not. We are your agent. We will negotiate price and terms for your interest, making every effort to obtain the lowest price and best term for you.

  3. Tenant's / Buyer's Agent

From beginning of the property search to move-in, it will be a lengthy process as follows;.
  1. Research of the Properties
  2. Research of Zoning Requirement and Business Licenses
  3. Negotiating the Contracts
  4. Arrangement of Commercial Loans
  5. Arrangement of Property Inspection
  6. Arrangement of Layout Design and Interior Design
  7. Arrangement of Remodeling Construction and Repair Work
  8. Utility Requirement Review
  9. Furniture Arrangement
  10. Moving Arrangement
We will work through ALL STEPS of the leasing / buying until move in. Many Realtors work only until the contract is signed!!

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