Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent

Finding a good real estate agent / broker is essential to enjoying a painless real estate transaction. A buyer's agent will negotiate hard to talk to the seller (or the listing agent) for the best price possible, ensure the property is peroperly inspected, precisely advise you on the process of getting a suitable loan program, and make sure you have the representation you need at the closing table. Here are some qualities you may want to look for in a real estate agent.

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Qualities of a Good Agent
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  1. Agent with extensive knowledge in the real estate law (State & Federal)

Finding a nice, desirable home for a client is NOT the only job of a real estate agent. An agent's job includes, writing a sales contract, negotiating conditions in the contract with the other party, legal preparation for the closing in conjunction with the closing attorney, and the list goes on.
It is also a very important job of a real estate agent to answer all the questions a client may have regarding every details of the sales contract.
You can face serious problems later on (even after the closing), if you hire an agent with little knowledge in law who fails to follow the lawfully correct steps before & after the closing of a house.
Ask your agent some legal questions in the early stages of home search and see if he has necessary knowledge in the real estate law.

  2. Agent with proficient knowlege in the mortgage loan process

There are so many different mortgage programs in today's mortgage market, and the interest rate, as we all know, changes every day. It is extremely important for the home buyer to wisely choose a right mortgage program depending upon his/her asset, income, and liability.
A home buyer needs to be able to consult his/her real estate agent about the process of obtaining a mortgage loan. Hiring an agent that knows about the mortgage industry can greatly benefit a home buyer.
An agent with knowledge in financing can often be a deal saver with his/her ability to arrange an appropreate loan program to satisfy difficult conditions. A financing-savy agent will be a great asset to a home buyer.

  3. Agent who has ample experience with real estate sales

By hiring an experienced agent who has gone through numerous closings, a buyer and a seller can avoid possible troubles that are likely to happen at the closing table, and have a smooth closing without the agonising, last minute distress.
Also, seasoned agents tend to know the other agents in the area and have good working relationships with them. This tends to transform into good transactions.

  4. Agent who has a hand at marketing

When selling your home, it is imperative that your agent is bright in marketing, with channels and connections to market your house to a broad spectrum of buyers.
You need to ask your agent what exactly his/her marketing plan is for your home. Also, a good agent knows how to price a home approprieately. An agent needs to have the knowledge and means to calcurate the right price for your home to expedite the sale and also to bring the top dollars for the seller.

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